I started my lately vocation with the proper enthusiasm of the converts. Trying to get a painting capable to “Shiver the soul”, without the need of recognizing objects, but just with the simple strength of the colors, its composition, plastic surplus and spaces.

My target was to create art pieces that invite you to dream, to make you travel to unknown places, to casually discover hidden characters beneath the colors of each painting, or just to find a magical symphony of our popular folk implicit in the art piece. All this and more was found in the essentialism. “The freedom of a new style”, where there is no previous sketch or idea preconceived when beginning. This is an infinite journey where practically there are no limits or boundaries when creating a master piece.

ach painting will be a new milestone in which there will be appearing basic genetic similitudes, but also as a result of each unprecedented experience, rich in new discoveries that in long term will create “the” masterpiece.

Figurative period

Etapa figurativa Etapa figurativa Etapa figurativa

Current period

Etapa actual Etapa actual Etapa actual